Angel Fire Bible Symposium, July 26-29, 2018

Theme: “Ancient Words! The Sacred Writings”
Theme: Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

Speakers: David Langford and John W. Smith

The 2018 5th annual Angel Fire Bible Symposium will be held July 26-29 in Angel Fire, NM. This symposium is specifically designed to meet the needs of those hardy souls who are hungering and thirsting for righteousness, and looking for a refreshing, open – no agenda atmosphere, where they can hear challenging, in-depth discussions of difficult biblical topics that are not generally talked about in local congregations, or even on college lectureships. A place where they are encouraged to ask honest questions, without fear of being ostracized, demeaned, or considered “unsound.”
For more information, or if you want to register for the 2018 symposium on-line, go to our web site; angelfirebiblesymposium, or to face book. If you want even further information, email John Smith at –