How it Started

This effort began in the minds of several people who felt a need for an in-depth topical Bible study in a “no agenda” atmosphere of honest investigation that is not generally found in weekend meetings, family camps or lectureships.

This symposium investigates what the Bible has to say about various topics that are often avoided in congregations because of their controversial nature. Speakers are selected, not because they represent a viewpoint or have an agenda consistent with the organizers. They have been selected for their reputation for being gifted, thoughtful, studious, humble, honest, and convicted – but neither radical, dogmatic, nor pugnacious. No attempt is made to determine “where they stand” before they are asked to participate.

The kinds of people we hope to attract are people who are eager to listen and to learn how to “think biblically;” people whose only desire is to gain a better, deeper and more complete understanding of what the Bible has to say; people who will come with open minds, hearts and Bibles, to listen carefully and give honest consideration to viewpoints and ideas with which they may be unfamiliar.

One of the most meaningful tests of our love for one another and our devotion to maintaining Christian fellowship is when, in an atmosphere of honest investigation, we can disagree with kindness, humility and respect.

Most Christian assemblies allow no opportunities for people to ask any questions they wish to hear discussed. The Angel Fire symposium allots time for sincere questions to be asked and honestly answered to the best of the ability of the speakers on the forum panel.

I hope you will join us!

John Smith