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David Langford has served for the past 27 years as a minister with the Quaker Avenue Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas, the past 15 years serving also as an elder.  He has received the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Communication and the Ph. D. in Family Therapy from Texas Tech University in Lubbock.  He has also completed a Masters in Ministry at Lubbock Christian University.

In addition to his work at the church, he has served as an adjunct professor for Lubbock Christian University, a consulting editor for the Christian Appeal magazine, associate editor for Gospel Tidings magazine, and a frequent writer for various Christian publications.  In 1985 he helped found “Summer Excitement”, a leadership school for youth and continues to serve as a teacher and consultant for the school.

He is author of three books, A Curse a Cradle and a Cross, The Divine Dilemma and Troubled Faith for a Troubled World and has developed a home Bible study curriculum for families entitled, Faith Chronicles:  Telling the Next Generation.

David has been married for 32 years to Lisa Gomez, a graduate of Lubbock Christian University and an instructor of piano for over 25 years.  Their three children have been home schooled through elementary and then both privately and publicly educated.

John W. Smith

John W. Smith and his wife Fran live in Lubbock, Texas. He has three children and seven grandchildren. He has a BA in English from the U of Michigan, MA from N Arizona; MA from Wichita State and an M S from Lubbock Christian. John has been preaching and teaching for over 45 years.

John has written 16 books which have sold over 1.4 million copies. He speaks at weekend seminars, men’s retreats, religious workshops, college lectureships, and family camps. His web site is johnwsmith.com. He can be contacted at john@johnwsmith.com Cell phone 918-645-8114.