About Angel Fire Bible Symposium:

This symposium is specifically designed to meet the needs of those hardy souls who are hungering and thirsting for a refreshing, open – no agenda atmosphere, where challenging, in-depth discussions of interesting and difficult biblical topics are conducted; a place where they are encouraged to ask honest questions, without fear of being ostracized, demeaned, or considered “unsound” this symposium is specifically designed - For You.


For more information, or if you want to register for the symposium on-line, go to our Registration page or to Facebook. If you want even further information, email


John Smith at - john@johnwsmith.com

Angel Fire Bible Symposium: How it Started

This effort began in the minds of several people who felt a need for an in-depth, topical Bible study in a “no agenda” atmosphere of honest investigation, one that is seldom found in weekend meetings, family camps and college lectureships.

All lessons and classes in this symposium will focus on investigating what the Bible has to say about various topics - topics that are often avoided in congregations because they are potentially controversial.

Speakers are deliberately “not” selected because they represent any particular viewpoint. They are selected because they do not have an “agenda,” other than understanding what the Bible has to say on the selected topic. No attempt has been made to determine “where the speaker stands” on any given topic, before they are asked to participate. They have been selected for their reputation for having integrity, being gifted, prayerful, insightful, studious, humble, honest, and convicted - but neither radical, dogmatic, or pugnacious.        

The kinds of people we hope to attract, are people who will come to listen, and to learn to “think biblically;” people whose only desire is to gain a better, deeper and more complete understanding of what the Bible has to say on the selected topic; people who will come with open minds, open hearts and open Bibles; people who will listen carefully, and give honest consideration to viewpoints and ideas that they may be unfamiliar with – or even uncomfortable with.

One of the most meaningful tests of our love for one another and our devotion to maintaining Christian fellowship is when, in an atmosphere of honest investigation, we can disagree with genuine love, kindness, humility and respect.

 In most Christian assembly settings, there is no time allotted for “open forum” discussion; a time when people are not only “allowed” to ask sincere and troubling questions – but are encouraged to do so. Those questions will be honestly answered to the best of the ability of the speakers on the forum panel.

Board Members

Our board members are made up of a variety of ages, interests, backgrounds and geographical locations. What they have in common is their love for truth, the Bible; Jesus; The Church; the Angel Fire Bible Symposium and each other.

Testimonials from Attendees

  • The Angel Fire Bible Symposium is a place where the Bible is looked at without blinders and presuppositions and we are free to ask any questions we have on any biblical topic – even controversial ones. That is what my family treasures about Angel Fire.     

  • As a first time attendee, it was interesting to me to learn that the purpose of this symposium is not so much to reaffirm what I already know, but to challenge me with biblical ideas that strengthened my faith and broadened my perspective on who God is, who Jesus is, who the Holy Spirit is, what The Church is and how all of that relates to the way I live and think.

  • The Angel Fire Bible Symposium was a life enhancing weekend - spiritually, emotionally and physically. Being able to connect with others on Biblical matters and discuss and learn from knowledgeable men with varying teaching styles was soul stirring.  And of course, the scenery surrounding us was majestic and breath taking!  We can hardly wait for next year’s event!!

  • The Angel Fire Bible Symposium is a group of Christians, called together by their mutual love for God’s word and each other - to study in a positive, loving, joyful, uplifting, challenging and spontaneous atmosphere.

  • The grace of God reins in the intimate atmosphere of Angel Fire; where, without fear of condemnation, it is possible to speak freely and be yet more one in the spirit, one in the Lord.

  • This was my first time at the Angel Fire Symposium. I was impressed with the depth of the lesson content and the passion of the speakers. They are very authentic. The area is beautiful without being crowded with people and traffic. To me the main attraction is the care taken to present lessons that have great quality. There is a time for questions and answers so it is not just a lecture but a real search for God and how to live a Christ centered life. Add to that the friendliness of the people and it is a time of great spiritual uplift and encouragement.