This symposium is not for everybody, but it may be for you.


We have two themes for 2018.

The first is; “Ancient Words;” What “Kind” of book is the Bible?

What Is Its Purpose? What Does “Inspiration” Mean? What Is A Hermeneutic? Is It A Book of Divine Laws, or Divine Principles? What role does the Old Testament play under Christ?

We may assume many things about the nature of God from creation, but everything we “know” about God, has been revealed to us in the Bible.”


The second Theme is; “Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage

Although there are no families or congregations that are untouched by this topic, it is seldom, if ever, discussed in detail, because it is much too complex, too emotionally distressing, too volatile, and too controversial.

Where do people go to hear a biblical, rational, unemotional discussion of it, find out what the biblical parameters are, and why it is such a volatile topic? What is marriage in God’s sight? Why did God initiate it? Why is divorce a sin, and why does God hate it? Is divorce in a separate category of sin from other sins? What do people do when it happens?

I’ll tell you where they go - to the Angel Fire Bible Symposium.

John Smith

Symposium Leader

Event Speakers

David Langford

Symposium Speaker

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